What We Do

  •  Brand Health Tracking
  •  U & A / Market Segmentation
  •  Customer / Employee satisfaction
  •  Sensory Research /Product Optimization
  •  Concept Test/ Product Test/ Packaging Test
  •  Car Clinics
  •  Census
  •  Mystery Shopping
  •  Pricing Study

Industries/ Sectors we cover

Markets We Cover In Africa

Single point for multi-country studies

  •   Our business systems are designed to support multi-country research projects.
  •   Anything from 1 to 30+ African countries executed simultaneously

We Cover All 9 Provinces of South Africa

We cover all 9 provinces of South Africa, including rural areas

  •  We have minimum teams of 10 Interviewers and 1 supervisor per province, and we have capacity to beef up the teams, if & when necessary.
  •  In each of the 3 main metros (JHB, CPT & DBN), we have over 20 interviewers and at least 3 Supervisors on standby.

Approches We Use

  •  House-to-House Interviews
  •  Street Intercept Interviews
  •  Exit Interviews
  •  Central Location Interviews
  •  In-Venue Interviews
  •  Online interviews

Sampling Methods We Use

  •  Pure stratified random sampling
  •  Quota sampling
  •  Snowballing/Referral
  •  Convinience sampling
  •  Lists/Respondent databases
  •  etc

How We Work in Africa

We are regionally networked

  •  REGIONAL STRATEGIC PARTNERS: We execute fieldwork via a strong set of handpicked Strategic Partners in each individual Market, i.e. Our partners are Independent Research Consultants who cover their home territory only and thus can confidently speak the local language(s) and are well informed about their surroundings.
  •  PROCEEDURES & PROTOCOLS: From questionnaire design right through to clean data-file or final report delivery, we have firmly established working procedures and protocols that result in high quality deliverables.

Quantitative: ARC Roles & Deliverables

  •  Research brief interrogation to crystalize on client expectations
  •   Assist in data collection tools development or customization
  •   Questionnaire scripting / programming, where & when needed
  •   Assist with sample design and sampling
  •   Interviewer training and briefing
  •   Data collection and quality control
  •   Data cleaning and preparation into the desired format
  •  Clean SPSS or ASCII data file
  •  Field Technical Report



  •  Research brief interrogation to crystalize on client expectations
  •  Proposal development
  •  Data collection tools design
  •  Questionnaire scripting
  •  Sample design and sampling
  •  Data collection and quality control
  •  Data cleaning and Analysis
  •  Report generation
  •  PowerPoint or Word Report - whichever is the preferred format
  •  Clean SPSS or ASCII data file
  •  Field Technical Report

Qualitative: ARC Roles & Deliverables

  •  Research brief interrogation to crystalize on client expectations
  •  Assist in discussion guide development and/or customization
  •  Assist with sample design and sampling
  •  Moderator training and briefing
  •  Conducting FGDs/IDIs/TDIs and quality control
  •  Transcription and Translation
  •   As per client requirement, we can provide either;
    •  Un-edited Video Recordings
    •  Detailed Transcripts
    •  Field Technical Report

As part of our Qual Service, we also offer Transcription and Translation Services as a stand-alone service..."LOCAL IS ...LEKKER..!!!"

  We have identified local independent Portuguese and French speaking translators/transcribers who will work on any transcripts from any of the following markets:

Portuguese Translators & Transcribers:
Angola, Equatorial Guinea, Guinea-Bissau and Mozambique

French Translators & Transcribers:
Benin, Burkina Faso, Burundi, Cameroon, Central African Republic, Democratic Republic of Congo, Congo, Cote d'Ivoire, Equatorial Guinea, Gabon, Guinea, Madagascar, Mali, Mauritius, Niger, Rwanda, Senegal, Seychelles, Togo and Tunisia

We believe that using the local translators and transcribers will ensure that we do not miss on the insights as these people have a good understanding of the local market dynamics and local lingo!

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