Data Collection

Quantitative field data collection

  •  More recently, technological developments have moved rapidly into the market research arena, facilitating easier access to quick surveys through innovative platforms and tools that include support for mobile-based research.
  •  As Africa360 Research & Consulting Partners, we realized the need to replace manual data collection processes with the aim of ensuring that we can quickly obtain "pinpoint data" and also provide "time efficiencies" and "cost-savings". As part of our company's drive to ensure faster, reliable, cost effective data collection processes, we have invested in android devices, i.e., 7" and 10" Tablets.
  •  Through our CapEx, we continuously replace any malfunctional devices by acquisition of new devices.
  • With our data collection devices, we can work:

    •   Offline - Our recommended option as network coverage in most African markets is still very minimal, and where available, can be very intermittent which may result in the disruption of the interview process.
    •  Online - we strongly discourage this approach when interviewing Consumers as the network is unreliable and mobile data costs are quite high. However, this may be applicable with B2B interviews in some instances

Android Devices

We use Android devices (7" and 10" Tablets) in all countries for data collection to ensure stringent quality control and reliable execution of questionnaires.

All our projects are executed professionally to guarantee high quality out-put. We also ensure that all historic learnings, quality and strategic insights are part of every project.

Specifications - Android Devives

  •  Android 4.4 (KitKat)
  •  Integrated WiFi and 3G connectivity
  •  3MP rear camera and 1.3MP front camera allow you to capture life's moments on photo or video for those projects that require photos and videos to be recorded

  With the above specifications, you can decide whether:

  You would like to directly host the data downloads by simply providing us with a link that can work off-line,


  you can decide to provide us with an App that runs on the specified devices and you receive the data as interviews are completed in field or when the devices are synchronised to your platform,


  ARC can be responsible for the programming of the script and host the data downloads - we will then package the data into either SPSS or ASCII format prior to delivery

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