About Us

Our company started off in 2010 as a small group of individual consultants working in different fields covering market research, developmental research, socio-political research, health research, architectural design and electrical engineering. As the group continued to grow from strength to strength, and the clientele base expanded, the group decided to re-align its focus and this lead to the birth of Africa 360 Research & Consulting Partners Pty. Ltd. (ARC), as one of the arms of a diverse business concept.

ARC is an independent, wholly owned research and consulting agency incorporated in 2015.

We work in Sub-Saharan Africa, with a strong footprint across most of the Anglophone and Francophone countries.

We coordinate all fieldwork operations from our South African Office. Where & when necessary, we travel to the given markets for specific briefing and training.

Our business concept makes us the most COST EFFECTIVE and MOST EFFICIENT research partner in Africa
ARC provides a platform that brings together independent consultants, with the advantage of cutting out the huge company/organisational overheads, thus offering very competitive costs.

Why work with us

That extra mile

Apart from delivering world class data output, wealso leverage on our strong network of Consulting Partners to provide you with those market insights that you may not draw from the data. On completion of each data collection phase, we provide a Field Technical Report (FTR) on the project, which outlines:

  •  Our successes in terms of the project
  •  Learnings/Challenges from the project - which we always take through to our next project to ensure we convert these into our successes
  •  Market trends/news during the fieldwork period, and any other information relevant to the study. This results in opportunities being mined from the "data" that would otherwise go unnoticed.

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