About Us

We work in Sub-Saharan Africa, with a strong footprint across most of the Anglophone and Francophone countries.

We coordinate all fieldwork operations from our South African Office, where & when necessary, we travel to the given markets for specific briefing and training.

Our business concept makes us the most Cost Effective and Most Efficient research partner in Africa. ARC provides a platform that brings together independent consultants, with the advantage of cutting out the huge company/ organisational overheads and all the middle-men, thus offering very competitive cost.

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Information Desk

Phone: +27 11 056 4084
Email: info@africa360rcp.co.za

Markets We Cover in Africa

Single point for multi-country studies

  •  Our business systems are design to support multi-country
  •  Anything from 1 to 30+ African countries executed at the same time.

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How We Work In Africa

Regional Strategic Partners

We execute fieldwork via a strong set of handpicked Strategic Partners in each individual Market, i.e. Our partners are Independent Research Consultants who cover their home territory....

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Android Devices

7" and 10" Tablets

We use Android devices (7" and 10" Tablets) in all countries for data collection to ensure stringent quality control and reliable execution of questionnaires. All our projects are...

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